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Here are some interesting and important statistics that those of you in the Recovery Arena might not be aware of:

            7% of the US population is veterans

            About 23% of the homeless population in the America is veterans

            20% of the annual suicides in the US are committed by veterans-18 deaths per day

            Of veterans with substance abuse issues 68% choose alcohol as their drug of choice

Folks, this information isn’t provided to in any way down our veterans.  But to show that they have issues and problems and addictions like you and I do.  Maybe for different reasons but none the less they are real.  And to remind us of just how much we are indebted to our US veterans for all that they have forfeited for our country.

So, have you hugged a vet lately?  Have you told a vet Thank You for your service?  Have you bought a vet a meal?  In what better way could we do our service work than to help out a veteran and/or their family?  Not just at Veterans Day but every day.





“The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring VA responders through a confidential, toll-free hotline and online chat.”

The website discusses learning to recognize the signs of crisis, offers homeless resources, suicide prevention programs, and mental health programs.  The website also offers a “Self-Check Quiz.”

Veterans Crisis Line



A Memorial Day Message